At Holy Name we strongly believe in the benefit of service within the school and the greater community.  We welcome family members to join us in service and we have a variety of ways you can get involved.

At the school we routinely need extra hands to help with laminating, making copies, reading to students, cafeteria assistance, recycling efforts, the list goes on and on.  Being in the school not only helps with the many extra chores which allow for the smooth operation of the day, but also gives you the opportunity to see your children throughout the school day.

In addition to service within the school we encourage service to the greater community.  Our faculty, staff, and students participate in service outside the school by helping at the Salvation Army soup kitchen, reading to kids at Riverview School, setting up the the annual Lions Club Tri-Fest, adopting children at Christmas, and many other worthy causes. Families are welcome to join in these activities as well.

Volunteers must be Safe Environment compliant.