HNS offers an APP for your e-card purchases called RaiseRight which can be downloaded from the APP Store.  The HNS Enrollment Code is required to register which you can receive by contacting the Tuition Rebate office

You will be required to enter your banking information which could take up to 48 hours for Bank verification.  Once you are set up, we encourage you to mark your Bank Account as your method of payment.   When purchases are made, the money is deducted from your Bank Account.

  • There is a small $ .29 charge with each order.
  • i.e. - If you order $ 300 in Lowes e-cards, $ 300.29 will be deducted from your Bank Account.
  • We discourage the Credit Card option as the charge is 2.6% and that is often times more than the rebate.

The APP is for the purchase of e-cards only, not plastic.   If you need plastic cards, you will want to purchase from the Tuition Rebate office.

Local merchants are not available through the APP.   Only certain National merchants are available.

These sales are posted at the end of each month to your Tuition Rebate account.