HNS Tuition Rebate Program

     It's so easy to earn a tuition rebate and your family and friends can help!

     The Tuition Rebate Program is the only fundraiser in which you get what you pay for!  There is no extra cost to you!   You need a $25 gift card to Hometown Roots and you purchase a $25 gift card to Hometown Roots.  Headed to Sureway for your weekly grocery store trip, get your Sureway gift certificates first. 

      All Holy Name School families are required to earn a minimum of $150 in rebates through the HNS Tuition Rebate Program each school year.*   If your family earns rebates in excess of the $150 minimum, 50% of the excess rebate will be applied directly to your tuition account as a credit, or rebate, towards your tuition. Tuition Rebate Credits are posted to your family's tuition account twice per school year:  Dec 1st and May 1st

     Is there an APP for this?  YES, THERE'S AN APP!  For Tuition Rebate purchases on-the-go from National merchants, make sure you have the Raise Right APP on your phone - Click "SHOP FROM YOUR PHONE" in the menu at the left to learn more 

     REMEMBER:  Your friends and family can also purchase gift cards or use the APP on your behalf!

Tell me more!

     Holy Name School partners with local, regional and national businesses to purchase their gift cards at a discount and then sells the gift cards at face value.  The difference of the purchase price and the face value is your rebate.  Each merchant has a its own rebate percentage.  The rebate percentage is the discount at which HNS purchases the gift cards from the merchant.  

    Take a look at the two-page order form to see the dozens of local businesses (Shop Local!) and the hundreds of national merchants - their rebate percentages are listed next to their name.

Happy Shopping and Happy Rebate Earning!

See the Tuition Rebate FAQ for more information or contact Yvonne Drury, HNS Tuition Rebate Coordinator at

*Families can opt out of participating in the Tuition Rebate Program by paying the $150 required minimum.  Families who do not earn $150 in rebates via the Tuition Rebate Program will be billed on May 1st for the amount not earned.