The CARDINAL 10 are the standards or rules by which Holy Name School CARDINALS conduct themselves.  All members of the school family:  students, faculty, staff, parents, etc. are expected to live by these standards.

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  1. We are Christ-like.

  2. We are shepherds.

  3. We use our time, talent, & treasure for God.

  4. We give respect! We say yes ma’am & no sir; we say thank you, & we speak when spoken to.

  5. We are always honest, no matter the circumstances.

  6. We surprise others by performing random acts of kindness.

  7. We accept responsibility & do not make excuses for our failures.

  8. We learn from our mistakes, correct them, & move on.

  9. We are humble when we win; we maintain self-control when we lose.

  10. We never quit & always finish the race.clipart