To help simplify payment of school cafeteria fees, The Diocese of Owensboro School Food Service has enrolled in a service called My School Bucks. This service is a website that gives you the ability to track your child’s lunch account activity as well as pay for your child’s breakfast and lunch meals using your Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Participation in this is voluntary; you may enroll at any time.

My School Bucks enables you to keep track of your child’s account balance and even offers low balance notification emails.  In addition, the website also offers Automatic Replenish. This is optimal for the student whose lunch spending varies greatly from day to day.  With automatic replenish, when the student’s account balance goes below a specified amount, another specified amount is then deposited into the student’s account via credit card.  Using “automatic replenish on low balance”, the student will never run out of money. Conversely, your credit card will not be charged until the student’s balance goes below the specified dollar amount.  There is a website charge of $2.50 for each transaction. The School Food Service will not receive any part of this charge.

To get started, you will first enroll at  You will be asked to enter your email address and a password, which will be used each time you log in.  Please note that a valid email address is required and that My School Bucks stores any necessary personal information in a secure, offline database which is accessed only to process payments and send payment confirmation via email.  When selecting the district, be sure to select Diocese of Owensboro and not Henderson County.

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