Photo of Dusti Benson

Dusti Benson

Pre-K Teacher

  • 270-827-4027

Mrs. Dusti has taught Pre-K at HNS for the last nine years. After teaching thirteen years in public schools, and 10 years at home with her three children, she joined the Holy Name School family. She has a bachelor’s degree from Murray State University and Master’s degree from Indiana State University. She has a background in special education, and continues to work with special needs youth and adults at Holy Name Church. Dusti loves HNS’s sense of community, and commitment to faith, service, and academics. Her three children are Holy Name alumni (as well as, her husband). While seeing them thrive in this environment, she realized she wanted to be a part of this community fostering growth in her young students. In her free time, Mrs. Dusti enjoys spending time with her family, reading, volunteer work, and pinteresting Pre-K ideas.