Patron House Saint:  Saint Paul the Apostle  (Writer of many books of the New Testament and one of the first Christian missionaries) 

Why St. Paul? - St. Paul is best known for his many letters included in the New Testament which were written to the communities to which he preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He went from vehemently persecuting the followers of Jesus to being a fervent disciple and missionary for Christianity!  His conversion experience is well known -- falling off his horse, hearing the voice of Jesus calling him to end his persecution of the followers of Jesus, losing his sight, and then being cured of his blindness by the Lord.  Once he understood and accepted the truth that is Jesus Christ, he was “all in”!  ALL IN!!!  He traveled far and wide to spread the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles, which was extremely difficult and dangerous in the first century. Many times he was beaten, threatened with death and imprisoned.  Despite the many adversities he experienced, he never stopped!  He died a martyr for his faith in 67 AD when he was beheaded at the command of the Roman emperor, Nero.  He is the patron saint of missionaries, writers and evangelists.  He shares a feast day with St. Peter on June 29th.  The Catholic Church also celebrates a feast day to honor and remember Paul’s conversion (January 25th). 

Liturgical Colors:  Rose & Violet

Leaders: Julie Eadens, Judy Jenkins, Lyndsay Koonce, Terra Hurtte, Lauren Haynes, Valerie Beckert, Sonya Mauzey, Yvonne Drury

Motto/Scripture - John 14:26:  The Advocate, the holy Spirit that the Father will send in my name – He will teach you everything and remind you of all that I told you.